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Anthony Cappetto has been active in street painting since 2001, as an artist participating in festivals and events in California, New York, Mexico, Italy, India, Japan, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Asia, and South America.

Cappetto has been a strong supporter of chalk artists and chalk art festivals throughout the world for over a decade through Art for After Hours, the first professional street painting company he founded in 2001and Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc., co-founded by Cappetto and Wendy Stum in 2007 creating the first chalk art themed art blogs 'Blog Now on' and 'The Business of Street Painting Art' along with the first user generated video channel for street painting art, with over 300 short videos to date.

Cappetto feels that chalk art is a way to share his work with many people, bringing enjoyment to all.

Anthony Cappetto is an author of 3D anamorphic street art with 4D emerging technologies.  Follow his 3D 4D posts on Infinity Leap for his unique take on bringing 3D chalk/street art, virtual reality augmented reality, wearables and all new thing art and technology there.

Cappetto's work with 4D Emerging Technologies (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality) with Hand Drawn 3D Anamorphic Multipanel Artwork Installations

Since 2007, he has been and is committed to his chalk art as an early adopter, not only as a performance, but the blending of the 400 year old chalk art form also known as street painting with emerging  technologies as an early adopter such as augmented reality (AR , virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and social media as one, transforming the single experience of seeing chalk art alone to a combined experiential event and emotional experience involving human interaction with 3D computer models and the anamorphic illusion of the traditional chalk art medium - all viewable and recordable via mobile devices of all kinds.  Chalk art has experienced a global resurgence due to the advent of new technologies and cultural shifts such as social media allowing the completion of a new piece to reach great numbers of people worldwide almost instantly.

As an important note- there are those in the street painting/chalk art space that present 4D as merely a vertical panel behind a 3D ground illusion.  This is not the case.  4D is only the application of an emerging technology such as virtual or augmented reality overlaid with the 3D street painting/chalk art experience.

Integration of 3D street painting/chalk art with a 4D emerging technology component requires significant design, planning, and logistical coordination with the team of client, and artist/tech team.

Cappetto's access to top tech team allows a professional, rapid delivery for serious client inquiry with an understanding of budgets and pricing required for the newest developments in the marketplace.

Our recent work 'Asian Fusion', brings augmented and virtual reality via VR goggles to the public for the first time as a cohesive immersive live experience with many more ambitious initiatives in the coming months. 

Some of Cappetto’s favorite work to date has been the creation of ‘Visions of Cambodia’ the first applied use of 3D chalk art and 4D augmented reality as one interactive art piece in 2011 measuring 30 feet wide by 40 feet deep, taking him and his team over 150 hours to complete and several weeks of coordination.  

His most rewarding experience was an opportunity offered to him to bring his 3D chalk art to Montevideo, Uruguay for an Arts Program sponsored by the U.S. State Department in 2012.  In Uruguay, Cappetto gave a lecture and workshops to faculty and students at the Universidad de La Republica, guided them in the design and creation of their first 3D chalk art works while creating an exhibition piece for public display at the Universidad.

As an early adopter of 3D street art installations with 4D effects -working with established partnering can and will effectively develop effective, conceptual schemes of VR, AR for the specific clients who share our interests and capable of allowing the realization of my visions.

Pricing upon request. 

And of course there are many others as well.

Copyright 2018 - Anthony Cappetto, All rights reserved.  No Image may be used without appropriate credit and permission from Anthony Cappetto in writing.
Selected Corporate, Government, 
& Exhibition Clients

US Dept.of State/US Embassy Montevideo, Uruguay
USA Swimming
Cardiovascular Research Foundation
Sarasota Chalk Festival (4D)
Community of Garden Grove, CA (4D)
IIT Bombay, India (4D)
IIT Roorkee, India (4D)
Tempozan World Performance Festival, Japan
Dubai Canvas Festival/Dubai Media Office, UAE
Dubai Shopping Festival, UAE
Big 5 Construction Tradeshow, UAE
Vision Apartments, Geneva, Switzerland
FOX News Channel/FOX & Friends
Mark Conference/Rutgers University (4D)
Artisphere International Arts Festival, Greenville SC (4D)

Cappetto's 4D Emerging Technologies/3D Anamorphic Art Project Interests

My interests when being contacted here on are for new projects and initiatives that specifically consider and apply the use of emerging technologies, experiments and concepts with my 3D street painting art for projects of large scale and scope internationally. Such subjects can consider virtual reality, augmented reality, massive projection, holography, wearables, and other emerging technology concepts.  I am interested and always excited about working with project teams, learning about their new technology and how to blend it in with my thoughts and vision for spectacular results not found in 3D street painting alone.

Contact Cappetto for a presentation. 

Serious Inquiries Only.
Please have your desired brief, budgeting, and schedule ready with 4D inquiry.

Always looking forward to hearing from you - AC

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Serious Inquiries Only.
Please have your desired brief, budgeting, and schedule ready with 4D inquiry.