The Art and Science of 3D Chalk Art by Anthony Cappetto
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An internationally recognized artist known for his conceptual vision in blending new and emerging technologies with his traditional 3D chalk and street art.  Anthony Cappetto has conceived and developed design concepts using technologies such as augmented reality, 3D computer generated imagery, virtual spaces and simulations togther with the 400 year old art form of chalk art.  Cappetto is also the founder of Art for After Hours, the industry's first professional chalk art company in 2001.
Copyright 2014 - Anthony Cappetto, All rights reserved.  No Image may be used without appropriate credit and permission from Anthony Cappetto in writing.

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The Art and Science of 3D Chalk Art by Anthony Cappetto

#4DisTheNew3D- Seriously Interested, how to work with us

by Anthony Cappetto on 07/07/16

4D Immersive experiences by Anthony Cappetto using augmented, virtual reality walkthroughs, and dry chalk

4D, that is in the street painting (chalk art) industry refers to the integration of emerging technologies into a designed 3D street art work as one integrated, immersive environmental experience.


A 4D project is not the same as a 3D street painting project alone and requires a much higher level of coordination and design ranging from the new emerging technologies (augmented, virtual) realities, hybrid immersive experiences combining physical and virtual experiences for the clients we work with on Art for After Hours projects.


Many new and truly different experiences using 4D can be designed for our clients and those designs take time, coordination, and a forward thinking team ready to work together and see where conceptual thought can go.  When we come upon the well-meaning but unprepared inquiry ranging from:


  • Lack of awareness of the 4D concept vs the 3D concept
  • 'Sticker shock' when learning value of the 4D experience
  • Importance of the direct conversation to clarify the 4D experience

Allow us to clarify these points for our interested readers...


Lack of Awareness of the 4D concept vs the 3D concept


As the industry (agencies, branding, major events) is learning and gaining increasing interest of 4D reaching out with the broad vision, excitement, and racing to be at the head of the pack, early adopting (our favorite) etc., many newer clients see the bright lights of the process, the AR, VR, projection, haptics, etc., but do not see the difference between the 4D as the integration of these and other technologies vs the known 3D experience of the painted or drawn illusion viewed through a smartphone, tablet, or camera device at the artists set design point.  


Many inquiries come to us asking for 4D when really wanting a 3D experience (e.g., wishing to have a combined vertical/ground panel together as one illusion calling it '4D' when this is really only an expansion of the 3D illusion).  If there isn't a computer generated component in the art experience with our art, it isn't 4D. 


'Sticker shock' when learning value of the 4D experience


4D concepts such as the ones Art for After Hours is developing with our technology team are significantly beyond a canned result, all being the efforts of designed coding, modelling, and when new concepts call for, integrating layers of these emerging technologies together with the 3D anamorphic art which is designed in itself.  This new artistic/scientific choreography is required for the proper, timely design, execution, and realization of this new chapter in the history of a 400-year-old art form - and this has a value appreciated and expected by the professional client.


Importance of the direct conversation to clarify the 4D experience


Just as 3D street painting was once new and cutting edge, questioned in debunking blogs and sites, and proven by the marketplace to be attractive, the torch of cutting edge is now being passed to 4D emerging technologies.  


In order to make the case for the 4D experience with the 3D anamorphic art to the interested, yet wishing to be informed prospective client - a direct conversation will clarify what can be done, and the value in terms of conceptuality, value in campaigns, separating the hype from the delivery.  Art for After Hours expects to have the direct conversation with the prospective client and those who represent the prospective client. Levels of contact at this stage tend to lose critical information about the 4D experience and it is best to come together at the outset to save time and get underway at the earliest yet fully informed time for all.


Art for After Hours welcomes and encourages all inquiries for any and all of our services bringing entertainment art in 3D or 4D to our clients, we feel there is a place for all to have art.  It may not always be 4D for the reasoning presented above but for those who do - please come to us with a brief of what you seek in 4D, an understanding of its value in the form of a budget, and a scheduling of when you plan to deploy.  Anywhere in the USA, nearly anywhere in the world.


Greetings! About this Blog and my Specialized Interests in 3D Chalk Art with Emerging Technologies

by Anthony Cappetto on 02/04/14

Greetings everyone!

I'm Anthony Cappetto and I am an artist who works with wet and dry chalk creating 3D illusions around the USA as well as places abroad.  I have strived to develop unique concepts in the art form since 2001 especially those that involve applying emerging technologies such as virtual spaces and animated augmented reality to my 3D chalk installations.  This is the first post on my dedicated web site

You may already know of me and my work through Art for After Hours, bringing 3D and 4D chalk art projects to corporate events, launches, and exhibitions in the USA and internationally since 2001.  Art for After Hours is still ready to serve to our longtime client base who is looking for a chalk art experience with our group of artists ready to bring the beauty and excitement of the 400 year old art form to our clients large and small.
'Visions of Cambodia' 3D 4D Chalk art from 2011

This site of my 3D 4D works is here to have a regular conversation with those who are truly excited about the extents of what can be done, or better yet - imagined with emerging technologies and conceptual invention beyond what is in the marketplace at this time through large scale, conceptual projects of my design and imagination.  I believe strongly that the most exciting work comes from true innovation, and those I innovate with aren't always the way I expect which makes the process that much more exciting.

A recent piece, 'Life Flow' allowed me to envision an anamorphic 3D illusion within a human artery (a bit like the classic sci-fi movie 'Fantastic Voyage') as opposed to the common illusion of the opening in the ground.  Although many fine works have been devised with that basic anamorphic illusion, again its time to see what else can be done.  Immersive pieces such as 'Life Flow' offer these opportunities.

Everyday I see more startups, kickstarter campaigns, and creative interpretations in emerging technologies that would make great collaborations in blending of 3D chalk/street art.  The challenge that I as an artist see in such collaborations is the avoidance of blending for blending's sake and creating concepts that make the blend understandable and positively memorable for the viewers immersed in the art/technology experience.

3D chalk art created as exhibition piece at the Universidad de La Republica in Montevideo, Uruguay as part of a lecture/workshop/exhibition for students, faculty sponsored by a grant from the US State Department, hosted by US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay. Figurative animation by Mixamo as example.

Looking forward to connecting with those who are as excited about 3D chalk art and emerging technologies as much as I am.  Feel free to contact me at Anthony@anthony as well as on Twitter (@AnthonyCappetto). 

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