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An internationally traveled artist, early adopter, and blogging author known globally for his vision in blending the traditional art form of 3D illusionary street painting with new, 4D emerging technologies such as animated augmented reality, virtual spaces, and experimental, conceptual applications of fine art with emerging technologies.

'Supercars'  3D Street Art Installation at the #DubaiCanvas Street Art Festival in Dubai, UAE. The first of two works created by Cappetto at the inaugural festival, Supercars allowed the opportunity to play with proportion and entertain the crowds at the Walk by the Jumeirah Beach Residences and Beach.
'Magic Carpet Ride''  3D Street Art Installation at the #DubaiCanvas Street Art Festival in Dubai, UAE. The second of two works created by Cappetto at the inaugural festival.  Many people, young and old took a ride on the carpet!
Left to right: Conceptual 3D piece - 'The Cube', inspired by the famous Rubik's Cube, shows multiple interactions at fore and backgrounds of design.  3D exhibition piece - 'Reedy River' for the Artisphere International Arts Festival in Greenville, SC. Consider your next projects with a conceptual, multi interactive/immersive design - even with the integration of virtual reality/augmented reality as 4D emerging technologies with my 3D street art.
'Spaghetti' - A 3D exhibition piece created for the Italian Restaurant Association at the inaugural Street Painting Festival in Little Italy section of Baltimore, MD.  
'Tree' - A 3D illusionary wall mural for a luxury residence in Geneva, Switzerland.  The art was over 22 feet high by 8 feet wide and depicts trees and scenery from the property in a conceptual manner.
4D Case Study:  4D Augmented Reality, 360 Degree Virtual Reality installation with 3D Immersive Mural by Anthony Cappetto and Technology Team - Mark Conference at Rutgers University.
A 4D emerging technology installation as part of the Mark Conference, sharing the 4D/3D immersive experience with hundreds of student attendees and featured speakers.  Cappetto gave a lecture on traditional street painting and new developments in blending art and technology as a breakout session.
Below, Cappetto (seated left) testing 4D 360 VR, AR applications prior to start of event; viewing 360 VR while 'stepping' upon the 3D anamorphically designed floating blocks spelling out 'Mark' to reflect the importance of 'making your mark' to the student attendees as a hallmark of the conference itself.
Select 3D Immersive Murals from Anthony Cappetto
Select conceptual 3D works in chalk by Anthony Cappetto
4D Street Art Inquiries:
4D Street Art Installation - 'Asian Fusion':  An immersive 4D piece designed and coordinated using dry chalk, augmented reality (bowls), virtual reality 360 degree aligned walkthrough on pavement.  Done live at the Artisphere International Arts Festival in Greenville, South Carolina.  This work took three days to complete measuring 10 feet wide by 27 feet long.  Additionally demos for AR and VR to inform general public about traditional chalk art and emerging technologies.  With ARt for After Hours assisting artists and our NYC based technology team for emerging tech work.
4D Augmented Reality, 360 Degree Virtual Reality installation live at Artisphere International Arts Festival 2016 in Greenville, SC  'Asian Fusion'
4D Demo for Augmented Reality live for 'Asian Fusion'
4D Street Art Installation - 'Asian Fusion':  Field placements for AR Chinese style bowl/chopsticks as part of field demo for technology with festival visitors who have never seen the technology used in an art event.
4D Street Art Installation - 'Asian Fusion':  Wendy Stum, Marketing Director for my company Art for After Hours getting viewers acquainted with how to view an anamorphic art piece prior to bringing in an AR model for a quick view.
4D Demo for Virtual Reality 360 degree walkthrough  live based with 'Asian Fusion'
4D Street Art Installation - 'Asian Fusion': At the VR portion of the demo, visitors went from AR to VR in the blink of an eye to be within an immersive world of oversized food items, dishes, and chopsticks; a deconstructed take on the green Chinese style bowl with my chalk work stretched across the walkthrough in horizontal and vertical planes...
'Home Sweet Home' - A 3D outdoor exhibition piece at the Sarasota/Venice Chalk Festival in Venice, FL.  Whimsical concept depicting jellies and candy as seating in a gingerbread house with roaring fireplace.
Serious Inquiries Only.

Please have your desired brief, budgeting, and schedule ready with 4D inquiry.  Due to our many inquiries we cannot respond to those without this initial information.
The Movement of Change…

Order/Disorder, Past/Future, Traditional/Conceptual.
Using the bridge as a metaphor of change atop a reinterpretation of the illusionary drop using aluminum ribs clad by glazing between horizontal concrete beams over a traditional outdoor scene.

We encouraged people to stand at each end of the bridge and in the middle to experience the anamorphic illusion of 3D street painting. Pictured:  Anthony Cappetto with Art for After Hours Marketing Director Wendy Stum.

Anthony Cappetto 4D Street Art w AR / VR

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View our 4D Demo of Live Immersive Public Art Installation from Venice, Florida.

Here you can see the live human interaction with reverse anamorphic perspective murals, giant AR butterflies as one cohesive experience viewed through a monitor and shown live to over 2,000 people in three days.